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Announcing the Livestock Sitter Resource List!

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This is the blog post that announced the Livestock Sitter Resource List on 9/10/13. For the current, updated list, click here.

Note: The following list is a compilation of people who responded to a request for a livestock sitter. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by Heirloom Gardens. Those wishing to hire a livestock sitter will need to vet candidates themselves and negotiate terms/payments for services. 

Denver and the Surrounding Communities


Jen H.
Neighborhood: Berkeley
Experience as a livestock sitter for chickens and dwarf dairy goats (including milking)

Brooke L.
Neighborhood: Wheat Ridge
Owns chickens; experience milking goats; experience as a livestock sitter

Aiden W.
Neighborhood: Wheat Ridge
“I am responsible for feeding and watering our chickens and collecting eggs daily. I haven’t milked a goat but would be happy to learn and we would love the goat milk to make goat cheese. I have my own vehicle to get to any NW Denver family home.”

Jill P.
Neighborhood: Lower Highlands
“I don’t have any experience with livestock, but I’m considering looking into chickens someday. I also have a dog sitting business. I have family in the area that could cover for me if my vacations coincide with sitting dates.”

Grace J.
Neighborhood: Wheat Ridge
“Grew up on a farm in Northern Idaho. We had nanny goats, chickens, horses, dogs and cats. I am familiar with milking goats and collecting eggs. I would be very interested in doing this again for additional employment.”


Jill S.
Neighborhood: Golden (could do west Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, etc)
“I have had my goat dairy since 2008 so have extensive experience with dairy goats and have experience chicken-sitting as well.”


Camille B.
Neighborhood: Cherry Creek/Glendale
“I’m from the Caribbean Islands. Being around livestock is kind of natural to me. My grandfather was a farmer, though I grew up in the city. I’m into anything that’s natural and reconnecting with where food comes from.”


If you’d be like to added to the Livestock Sitter Resource List, please email the following information to
– First name and last initial
– Preferred email address for contact
– General part of the Denver area (NW, SW, SE, NE, etc)
– Specific neighborhood (if in Denver) or city
– A short description of your experience with livestock and why you want to help

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