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Adventures in Urban Homesteading


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2012 NSA shares are sold out for the season.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides consumers with a direct connection to the farm that produces their food. CSA members make an upfront financial contribution to the farm, and receive education about local food production and weekly shares of the best the farm has to offer. The Heirloom Gardens CSA produces food grown within Northwest Denver, so the harvest travels just a few miles (or a few blocks!) to reach the members. This model of neighborhood production is often called Neighborhood Supported Agriculture (NSA).

An Opportunity for Learning
Participation in an NSA allows members to learn about local food production. Members will have weekly opportunities to ask questions about organic gardening and biointensive growing techniques. The NSA will also provide information about methods for cooking/preparing local vegetables, and offer recipe sharing for its members.

A Shared Commitment: Shared Risks, Shared Rewards
NSA allows members to support farmers by agreeing to share in the risks and rewards of food production. The Heirloom Gardens farmers and volunteers will utilize organic, biointensive and sustainable growing methods to produce a wide variety of crops for the community. In a well-functioning NSA, with Mother Nature’s cooperation, shareholders can expect to receive more than their money’s worth of fresh vegetables and herbs throughout the growing season. However, since nature offers no guarantees, Heirloom Gardens cannot guarantee its weekly or seasonal offerings although every effort will be made to do so. Members understand that NSA share payments are non-refundable.

A Season’s Bounty
The 2012 Heirloom Gardens harvest season runs for 20 weeks, from June 7th – October 18th. We specialize in heirloom varieties and will be planting vegetables and herbs. Our NSA members are always our priority when we harvest, receiving the best the farm produces in each week. You can click here to view a list of the vegetables and herbs we will be planting in 2012. Eating locally is, by definition, eating seasonally, so we will only produce food in time with nature’s calendar.

Some Special Benefits of NSAs

  • Your food is not just local, but ULTRA local! You have the ability to, any time you’d like, visit the “farm” and see for yourself how your food is grown.
  • Your food is always handed to you by someone who actually grew it, so you have aface-to-face connection with your farmers, and have someone readily available if you have any questions about your vegetables or how to prepare them.
  • Your food is grown by community members — young adults, retirees, families, etc. — who want to get hands-on experience in gardening. You never have to worry about the labor practices on your farm.
  • You get to enjoy heirloom varieties, and discover the wonderful tastes that go along with them!
  • Your food is grown on land that was previously resource-consuming lawn, or weedy open space — now transformed for food production.
  • You’re participating in something that is helping to build community in the place where you live.

How to Sign Up
Heirloom Gardens offers Regular NSA Shares, which are meant to feed 2-3 people. The cost for a 20-week regular share is $450. The NSA pickup will be held on Thursday afternoons between 4:00-7:00pm, May 31st through October 11th. The pickup location is in NW Denver, near I-70 and Sheridan (exact address will be sent to NSA shareholders).

In order to secure a share, please complete this Registration Agreement. The completed registration agreement, along with payment, must be submitted in order to secure a share for the 2012 season.

If you’d like to split a share with someone, we suggest checking first with neighbors, co-workers, and friends. It may not be difficult at all to find someone who is excited about enjoying garden-fresh veggies each week! If you’re unable to find someone to split a share, please send us a note at  We’ll save your name and email address, and connect you with anyone else who contact us about wanting to split a share.

Weekly shares vary with Mother Nature’s temperament (see “A Shared Commitment,” above) but here are some sample weekly shares based on last year’s harvests:

– 1 bag each of spinach, lettuce, and arugula
– 1 bunch each of radishes and radish greens
– Garlic scapes
– Choice of collards, mustard, mizuna, or tatsoi
– 1 oz of fresh herbs (your choice)
– additional spinach on the “share table”

Early August
– 1 bunch each of kale and chard
– 1 pound of potatoes
– 3/4 oz of basil
– 3 peppers
– 1 each summer squash and cucumber
– Choice of tomatoes, eggplants, extra potatoes, or extra cucumber
– Choice of onions or extra basil
– Choice of collards, turnips, or extra summer squash
– 1 ounce of herbs (your choice)

– Tomatoes (1 pound in mid-September, but NSA members were receiving 2.5 pounds in mid/late August)
– 1.75 oz of basil
– 1 bunch each of chard and kale
– 4 peppers
– 1 cucumber
– Choice of bag of cherry tomatoes or 2 eggplants
– Choice of summer squash or bag of arugula
– Choice of collards or extra chard
– Choice of carrots, mustard greens, mizuna, or beets
– 1 oz fresh herbs (your choice)

Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer!
NSA members are welcome to make an appointment to come by and visit the garden sites anytime. They are also welcome to join our volunteers in the different farming activities – including seed starting, transplanting, fertilizing, weeding, and harvesting. Click here if you would like to volunteer.

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