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Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats For Sale (bucklings/wethers)

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Update: All of the baby goats have been sold! We’re thrilled that they’ll be going to good homes once they’re weaned.

We’re excited to announce that we have three wonderful little goat bucklings (or wethers) for sale!  A wether is a neutered male goat, and wethers make wonderful pets and hiking companions. They’re also great at composting food waste into manure for the garden. Wethers (two per household) are allowed in Denver under the Food Producing Animals ordinance. Bucks are not allowed in the city, but they are (of course) fantastic for country folk who want to make more goats.

Anyone who would like to purchase a buck needs to reserve and pay before June 1st, after which the boys will be wethered. All goats will be ready to go to new homes the week of June 17th.

Goats will be disbudded, vaccinated, and trimmed. CAE-free herd. Dam raised by handled daily. Single goats will not be sold to homes without additional goats. Denver residents will need to acquire a Food Producing Animals license before taking goats home.

Prices are as follows:
Wether: $75 (or all three for $150)
Registered buckling: $200
Unregistered buckling: $125
*Goats will not be sold for meat

Registered, brown eyes, cream/bronze with white markings.

Registered, brown eyes (mother and father have blue eyes), cream/bronze with white markings.



Registered, blue eyes, bronze with white on tip of tail.



Unregistered, blue eyes, black and brown, wattles.


Here’s a short video of the baby goats playing in the barnyard:

For more information or to purchase a goat, contact Sundari at


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  1. They are so cute and what lovely faces! We are preparing to move to acreage in Castle Rock, and have been looking into getting a pair for my youngest son to enjoy. Well, and me too! Email me back, and lets talk!

  2. Are the babies still available?

    • Hi Mona — Yes, our three little guys are still available! Email me at info[at] if you are interested in them.

      • Hi Mona — I have an update… Someone purchased all 3 boys this morning, so all of the baby goats have been sold.

  3. Do you know if you can have dwarf goats in Wheat Ridge?

    • Cindy — We’re working on it. There’s a dwarf goat ordinance heading to City Council right now. We need as much support from Wheat Ridge residents as possible to get it passed. Please contact your two councilmembers and ask them to support the ordinance!

      • thanks. Will do!

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