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Adventures in Urban Homesteading

Rehoming Roosters

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Unfortunately, the practice of “sexing” baby chicks is only 90% accurate. So, even though backyard chicken-keepers may have ordered all female chicks, once in a while one of those little chicks is going to grow up to be a rooster. Roosters are not allowed in Denver under the new Food Producing Animals ordinance (in order to legally own a rooster, one would need to go through the old dual permitting process). Therefore, finding new homes for these young guys becomes important. Here are some options for those living in the Denver area:

Denver is surrounded by a lot of open land, and those rural folks understand the value of a rooster. However, be aware that most farms only need a small number of roosters, so most roosters will end up in the stewpot. If you want to find a “pet” home for your rooster you should specify that in the ad (but it will make it significantly more difficult to find a home).
One word of warning — sometimes people will try and acquire roosters for cockfighting off of Craigslist. To guard against this, you may want to deliver the rooster to the new home yourself (instead of allowing the new owner to come to you to get it). If you take the rooster to an actual farm with pasture, then that’s great. However, if you end up at a suburban home (or any other rooster-inappropriate place) it’s probably best to turn the car around.

Online Message Boards
Greater Denver Urban Homesteaders
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Join these free Meetup groups, and post about your rooster on their message boards. Even though these groups both have “Denver” in the name, there are plenty of Denver-adjacent rural people who participate.

You also have the option of taking your rooster out of the city to be processed, and eating him yourself. You can find folks who may be able to do this for you by putting a “help wanted” ad on Craigslist. You can also contact Larry at Long Shadow Farm. He processes his own birds, and during the times when he has his equipment fired up he’s happy to do an extra bird or two for anyone willing to make the drive up to Berthoud.

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