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Adventures in Urban Homesteading

Resources Cited in the Book

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Corrected “Garden Planning Chart” for Appendix C

Throughout the book, I’ve mentioned this resource list as a source of additional information. Certain chapters contain references to specific information — like building a goat milking stand — you can find here. Simply look under the chapter heading to find the resource for the skills and information referred to in that chapter. Websites that apply to the general topic (but are not referenced in specific chapters) are listed under the Part headings.

General Homesteading and Sustainable Living
Edible Communities:
Food Politics:
La Vida Locavore:
Living a Simple Life:
Local Harvest:
Meetup (search for homesteading groups in your area):
Mother Earth News:
Slow Food:
Ten Apple Farm:
Transition US:

Part 1: What It Means to Homestead in the City
Ghost Town Farm:
Root Simple:
The Urban Conversion:

Chapter 2
Myths vs. Facts About Food Producing Animals
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Food Producing Animals
“Right to Dry” campaign:

Chapter 3
“So You (Don’t Particularly) Want to Be a Farmer” essay:

Part 2: City Farming
American Community Gardening Association:
City Farmer:
Garden Guides:
GardenWeb Forum:
Guerilla Gardening:
International Seed Saving Institute:
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service:
Organic Gardening:
Organic Gardening Forum:
Vertical Veg:

Chapter 7
Build a PVC cold frame:

Part 3: Raising Animals for Food
Aquaponic Gardening Forum:
The Aquaponic Source:
Backyard Aquaponics:
Backyard Chicken Forum:
BackYard Hive:
Bee Landing:
Bush Farms (natural beekeeping):
Fiasco Farm (goat resources):
The Goat Spot Forum:
Growing Power:
Murray McMurray Hatchery:
My Pet Chicken:
Practical Aquaponics:

Chapter 11
Coop designs:
Coop plans:
Chicken forums:

Chapter 12
Herbal wormer and hoof trimmer:
The Goat Spot message board:
Milk stand plans:
Photo slideshow of goat births:

Chapter 13
Processing a rabbit:

Chapter 14
Small tilapia orders:

Chapter 15
Build Langstroth hive:
Build top-bar hive:

Part 4: A Homemade Life in the City
National Center for Home Food Preservation:
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning:
The Weston A. Price Foundation:

Chapter 16
Build a solar dryer: and click on “food drying”
Build a root cellar: (search “basement root cellar”)

Chapter 17
Cheese making supplies:
Build a cheese press:

Chapter 18
Instructional video for spinning on a drop spindle:

Chapter 19
Make castille soap: (Making Liquid Soap in Your Own Kitchen)

Part 5: Making the Most of What You Have
Build It Solar:
Fallen Fruit:
Find Solar:
Neighbor Fruit:

Chapter 20
Tiny house video tour:
Build solar space heater:
Solar space and water heaters:
Build a solar cooker:
Bikes with extra storage:

Chapter 21
Reduce water usage on public lands: Ask your city to use Xeriscapeinstead of grass
Make a rain barrel:
Commercial rain barrel equipment:
Gray water compatible cleaning products:

Chapter 23
Article on urban fishing spots:

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