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Adventures in Urban Homesteading

Tickets Now Available for the 5th Annual Urban Homestead Tour!

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Saturday, August 23rd
10:00am – 3:00pm
$5 per person
Organized by Heirloom Gardens and Denver Botanic Gardens

(Click “Add to Cart” to purchase tickets.)

  Price: $5.00

Interested in sustainable home practices, self-sufficiency, and lifelong learning? Then join us on Saturday, August 23rd for the 5th annual tour of local urban homesteads. See food production, chicken- and goat-keeping, backyard bees, natural building, composting, sustainable design, and more applied in all kinds of spaces and neighborhoods.

This self-guided tour is open-house style (a bit of “choose your own adventure!”). Tour hosts are opening up their homesteads between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm. You will receive a map with marked tour stops and descriptions of each homestead. You decide where you want to go, how many homesteads you want to visit, and how long you want to spend at each stop. Mapping out your route beforehand is recommended.

This year’s urban homesteading tour will include:

  • A salvaged 1920s farmhouse on 1/4 acre with bee-friendly gardens, extensive fruit production, composting and chickens. The homesteaders brew beer and wine using fruit from their gardens.
  • An integrated closed-loop production system. Includes deep mulch gardens, hugelkulturs, pastured chickens, bees, greenhouse, vermiculture and seed saving.
  • A Highlands-neighborhood homestead with the cutest custom barn you’ve ever seen, home to dwarf dairy goats and chickens. Plus, a fantastic back yard design featuring multiple raised beds with a variety of types of food production, beautiful outdoor dining space, composting, and more.
  • A homestead with a passive solar greenhouse.
  • An urban homesteader who (in addition to all of his gardening and animal-keeping) makes fermented foods and tonics.
  • A co-housing community made up of 27 households dedicated to sustainable living.
  • And many more!

Heirloom Gardens (i.e. our house) will also be a stop on the urban homestead tour. You can tour our newly-created 3,000 square foot front yard vegetable & fruit garden, visit the sweetest dwarf dairy goats around, pet a chicken (or seven), and check out handmade goat milk soaps. Plus, we’ll be offering samples from some of our 62 varieties of heirloom tomato plants!

Register online (see “Add to Cart” below) and receive an emailed PDF map of tour hosts and descriptions about two weeks prior to the event.  Purchase your tickets now!

Price: $5.00




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